Guys in Bowties

Everyone loves a guy in a bowtie. They're sleek. They're stylish. And they're fun to look at. They can also be styled a number of ways, whether dressy, casual, or in between. We pulled some photos of a couple different looks we have styled with our MGd bowties here...

then put together three different looks (a dressy, a casual, and an in-between) that we think would look exceptionally handsome with each.

first photo credits | MGd Ply Crepe Silk bowtie | MGd Oversized bowtie 

second photo credits | dressy look | MGd Ply Crepe Silk bowtie (Lemongrass) | MGd Wool Silk Blend bowtie (Tan) | casual look | in between look | MGd Cotton Print Bowtie (Chartreuse Butterfly) 


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