Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

We are so blessed to be able to work with so many great brides. And quite often working with these brides means also working with great wedding planners! There are obviously thousands of reasons to hire a wedding planner but we've put together a list of reasons that we think rank the highest. 


  1. THEY DE-STRESS. Sure, planning can seem pretty easy in the beginning. Booking the church, the reception, and the hotels for out-of-town guests can be done pretty easily. But what people don't often see are the nitty-gritty details that wedding planners take care of, especially during crunch time. Handling deposits and paying vendors, picking up and returning linens, lighting, or furniture, making site visits to make sure things are in order...these types of things have to be done!
  2. THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS. Most of the time, this is going to be a first time experience. That being said, its nice to have someone know what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done quickly. Wedding Planners know the BEST caterers. They know the BEST photographers. They know the BEST venues. They do this over and over again all year long. They will never point you in the wrong direction. 
  3. THEY TAKE CARE OF DETAILS. The last thing you and your family want to be doing the day of the wedding is panicking. Do you want to be bothered with having to get to the bridal shop to pick up your dress? Does your mother want to run around the reception asking each and every vendor if they've been paid? Do your bridesmaids and groomsmen know exactly how to walk up and down the aisle? Who has the rings? Are your grandparents taken care of? What form of transportation will be available for wedding party and guests? Is someone going to announce that you and your groom are about to cut the cake or have your first dance? Are your parents around to see this? THE. LIST. GOES. ON. You want a planner on site the day of (most importantly) to make sure all of this is taken care of so that everyone involved can be completely and totally relaxed.
  4. THEY SAVE YOU MONEY. You may not believe this but a lot of times a wedding planner can save you money. They have very close-knit relationships with vendors and stores, so when it comes time to book something,sometimes they can get a discount. And lets face it, the wedding industry gets really expensive really quickly. You definitely want to save here and there when you can. 
  5. THEY KEEP YOU SANE. There are so many things that go into planning a wedding. Way more than it actually looks like. And the further along you get in the process, the more things build up. A wedding planner's job, depending on the package you have signed up for, is to do EVERYTHING. They run around all day long getting things done for you that you don't even see. A wedding planner allows you to keep your sanity and relax while they work behind the scenes while you actually enjoy being engaged. 

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